Kirkwood Camp has been ministering to the people of God, young and old and in-between, since 1960. Our beautiful site, active group of volunteers, and dedicated staff all lend themselves to amazing and unique experiences for campers and guests coming to Kirkwood.

Our organization was founded by people who knew that a Christian camping experience was vital to the growth and development of everyone, and continues to be sustained by our extended “Kirkwood Family.” Our overhead and footprint are small, and our impact is big.

We build it at Kirkwood. But we also have faith in you.

You can make a donation via credit card or PayPal through the PayPal button to the right (click the box and choose “donate” instead of “camp”). 

Your support of Kirkwood helps us to get the campfire going, offer new activities for summer camp, maintain and upgrade our facilities, and reach a wider audience. For questions about how your support is being used, special gifts, or more information, please call our office at 570-421-8625.

We couldn't do it without you. Really.

Thank you for your support of outdoor ministry at Kirkwood Camp.